Mestranda Márcia “Cigarra”

Mestranda Márcia “Cigarra” (Márcia Treidler), originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is ACSF’s founder and artistic director. She is one of the top ten capoeiristas out of the 40,000 international ABADÁ-Capoeira members and the first female student of Mestre Camisa to be awarded the rank “Mestranda”, a title shared with some of the world’s top practitioners. Because capoeira was a male-dominated art form for over 300 years, Mestranda Cigarra’s achievements have cleared the path for other women to excel.

Mestranda Cigarra began studying capoeira in 1982 under the world-renowned Mestre Camisa. In 1987, she began to conduct classes for street children, youth, and adults in Rio de Janeiro. In 1991, Mestranda Cigarra moved to the US and, in 1997, was granted legal permanent residency as an “Alien with Extraordinary Abilities.” That same year, she founded the ACSF Brazilian Arts Center, located in San Francisco’s Mission District. The center, the first and only Bay Area non-profit dedicated to Afro-Brazilian cultural arts, offers classes for youth and adults in capoeira, percussion, Brazilian dance and Portuguese language. Mestranda Cigarra’s work reflects her commitment to the preservation and expansion of an art form that has an invaluable impact on our community’s cultural standing. A 28-year veteran student of Mestre Camisa, Mestranda Cigarra maintains international recognition for her accomplishments in the field and teaches regularly throughout Brazil, the North America, Israel, Asia, and Europe. Her outstanding achievements make her a highly sought-after teacher, an inspirational leader, and an important role model.

August 2010: Honored by the Women Capoeira Leaders Encounter in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and awarded "1er Jogos Femininos da ABADÁ-Capoeira" (1st place ABADÁ-Capoeira Female Competition).

2010: Mestranda Cigarra appears as one of the community leaders mural at Horace Mann Middle School in the Mission, San Francisco.

May 2010: Community Leadership Award at a statewide summit for girls in sports hosted by Team up for Youth & Athletes for Hope, for her role helping to support girls and women in sports.

October 2009: Flyaway Productions: 10 Women Campaign Award, for her work as a “Bridge-Builder” who brings together disparate communities

May 2008: Team Up for Youth All-Star Award, which recognizes exceptional role models

April 2008: Granted American citizenship after 15 years as a Brazilian immigrant

March 2008: International leadership of ABADA-Capoeira names her Regional Leader for North America

December 2007: Certificate of Honor from Gavin Newsom and the City and County of San Francisco for her dedicated service to the Latino community

October 2007: Documentary CIGARRA CAPOEIRISTA completed and screened at SF and Boston Film Festivals

September 2007: KQED Latino Community Hero Award in recognition of her long-standing impact on Bay Area communities




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