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Jogos Europeus 2013 - Munich


Jogos Franceses 2013 - Strasbourg


Batizado 2013


Mestranda Márcia “Cigarra”

Mestranda Márcia “Cigarra” (Márcia Treidler), originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is one of the top ten capoeiristas out of the 40,000 international ABADÁ-Capoeira members and the first female student of Mestre Camisa to be awarded the rank “Mestranda”, a title shared with some of the world’s top practitioners.


Registration for Jogos Europeus in Munich


Registration for Jogos Europeus in Munich just started!

The registration ends 31.1.2013, who's interested in joining, please send the following information to

APELIDO (nickname or name):
FEMININO OU MASCULINO ( male / female):
PESO (weight in kg):
TAMANHO DA CAMISA (T-shirt size - XS, S, M, L, XL): PP , P, M, G, GG

In case of questions, don't hesitate to ask or comment!


Merry Christmas and a great 2013!

from ET on Vimeo.


A dance for girls

from ET on Vimeo.


Christmas roda:)

As every year, we sincerely invite you to a small gathering amongs friends of capoeira.

In the beautiful location of Pisztory Palace (Štefánikova 25) thursday 20.12.2012 od 19.30 will have for you traditional christmas food, some refreshments and a cool roda for those who want to join, but most of all a nice and relaxing time for everyone:)

We'll relocate into another venue afterwards, for those who might be 'thirsty' after the roda;)

Hope to see you all!:


Capoeira St. Nicholas 2012

Dear parents and friend,

let me invite you to this year's Capoeira St. Nicholas 2012.
The goal of this event is to share a great time with our capoeira future, the kids from all the groups across the town, so they can meet,exchange and have a good laugh!
Saturday - 08. December 2012

Dudvazska 6,  821 07 Bratislava
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